Boom Beach Hack

Supercell’s Newest Hype: Boom Beach Hack Tool

SuperCell has been lauded globally because of their expertise in developing hilarious and adventurous games. You have probably played and still playing their HayDay and Clash of Clans and now it’s about that time you should get introduced to their new hype; Boom Beach.

It is just like the others mentioned here but Boom Beach comes in a different way as it has added more features. By learning about the Boom Beach hack from Boom-Beach-Hack you can learn how to monetize the games and get more tools to explore.

Boom Beach Hack

For example, you can get extra diamonds which can be used to purchase a lot of stuff that will make the game like a real world scenario.

The Boom Beach game always commences from an island which by now it’s solely your. In your island, the environment will be full of woods and amazing beaches.

Your life will be cool at the start because you will have no enemy at bay. There will come a time when you will need the assistance of Boom Beach hack to fight your enemies. One of the first enemies to attack you while on your island is the Blackguards.

These enemies usually have their own leader known as the Lieutenant Hammerman. In most they will not be very powerful and you will easily fight them back. That is not all because after doing that; they will get angry and assure you of a fight back.

How to Use the Boom Beach Hack?

Using the Boom Beach hack tricks you will be able to win more territories and harvest more woods and gold. You better start building your territory so that when the enemies led by their lieutenant fights them.

Make use of the hack for Boom Beach and you will get more addicted to the game like never before. Download the game and start building your own island full of enemies but with your exceptional skills, you will destroy all of them with ease.

Hay Day: Detailed Review

Hay Day is a creation from Supercell (iOS & Android), simulating all the activities surrounding farm life with a cartoonish flair, manages to intrigue and entertain fans of gaming of all ages.

Best described as Sims with farming, Hay Day adds a certain spark to the entire concept that turns the farming experience into a surprisingly good time. Make sure to use a free Hay Day hack at start, this will save you a lot of money.

Hay Day

Hay Day Storyline

Hay Day is pretty simple; as a player you are left to tend a large farm. It is left within your hands to raise all the animals (sheep and cows) and harvest crops like wheat. There are a number of tasks to juggle if you are to maintain a truly sophisticated ranch.

Every once in a while, visitors from other places (farms or towns) will stop by and give you money for your wares or tasks that must be performed.

Hay Day Presentation

The first thing you will observe about Hay Day are the rather impressive graphics, which not only present rich colors but beautiful and detailed visuals, especially the landscapes.

Take the time to zoom and pan around your environments and you are likely to be impressed by the effort that was sunk into making Hay Day as appealing as possible.

The game play is smooth with non-intrusive controls perfect for a mobile device’s touch screen. Hay Day also has a surprisingly high replay value, primarily driven by your achievements. The element of time plays a crucial role in the challenge and entertainment value.

You can expect to have to wait several minutes to achieve very basic objectives, be it waiting for your cows to produce milk or for your wheat to grow; though you can reduce your waiting time using diamonds.


If there is one area within which Hay Day fails, it is in its attempts at standing apart, or lack thereof. The number of social farming simulation games on offer is quite large, chief amongst which is FarmVille; and Hay Day takes almost no effort to differentiate itself from the crowd.

Some gamers have been known to take offense with the lengthy tutorial, its insistence upon holding your hand for over 20 minutes likely to stall your progress; admittedly, this failing is present with most simulation games, but one might have expected Hay Day to revolutionize the manner through which it orients new gamers to its mechanisms.

Though, a number of gamers have commended Hay Day for making use of the commerce element among players (allowing players to post advertisements in newspapers to find buyers for their goods); this element allows Hay Day to incorporate a social element that is largely missing from the game.


Freemium games today are a dime a dozen, available in larger numbers than most people have the time to consume; Supercell’s efforts to set this gem apart, at least as far as re-playability is concerned are ostensible.

Anyone that has a taste for simulation games is bound to enjoy Hay Day. Not only is it visually appealing, but the gameplay is designed with simplicity in mind.

And there is something about the work, all the waiting you have to do, that makes every achievement so satisfying.

Clash of Clans: Detailed Review

If you think of the rise of Rome and age of empires on tablets and smartphones, this is just part of what Clash of Clans is similar to. The core concept in this game is developing structures, training of troops and attacking the enemy.

The good thing about this game is that is that there is a sense of making progress. This sense of progression comes in because as you play, you will have better collector of resources, better buildings, improved defense and so on. Many users also use Clash of Clans cheats to generate unlimited edelstenen Clash of Clans for their accounts.

Clash of Clans

Playing Clash of Clans and It’s Advantages

You start playing off in a pretty simple manner. At the start you are just required to build a village. As you progress, you go onto building of structures and units that will be needed for taking on your enemies/enemies.

As you expand your villages, new types of units and buildings will be unlocked. The other major advantage about the Clash of Clans is that there is a lot to select from, with each of the units serving a different role.

Yet, you never find yourself bogged down by the choice you make. The past games are a bit simpler because of the few units available. The most effective strategy is to take whatever is there and defeat your opponents with numbers.

Expanding Your Villages

It is possible for you to expand your villages and move on to boost your influence, thus making you be able to over the clan castle. Once you have done this, you get the opportunity to create alliances with other tribes, thus making the game even more engaging and enjoyable.

When you reach the later stages of Clash of Clans, your instincts will come into play. As you move one, the entire units get more complex and interesting hindrances are thrown into the game.

For example, the foot soldiers and barbarians work well on their own for the first games. However, as walls and fortresses come into play, you are required to construct cannons and archers. This is the case because melee units are not effective. As more elements and units come in, you are forced to develop effective strategies as you play.

You must figure out which of the unit is effectively important part of understanding the game fully. It is also possible to have single player gameplay, where you have the opportunity to go up against each other. Multiplayer works effectively in gratis gems voor Clash of Clans.

Problems with Clash of Clans

Just like with other freemium games, there are limited gripes available. For beginners, having ample talents and skills is not a guaranteed way to succeed. It will take you some time and effort to build up without spending.

If you want to do a lot, it is advisable to spend money for upgrading. However, there is no much problem because many people start and succeed without complaining about the freemium model.

The other problems involved in this game are minor and do not affect the enjoyed and level of engagement. The problem arises in scrolling across the screen. The animation and artwork is also not the best, because the low frames of animation and isometric 2D.